Wisteria macrostachya – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Wisteria macrostachya

Dekorative Elemente: Blüten im Mai. Learn more about Monrovia. Common Name: Blue Moon Kentucky wisteria Growth Habit: vigorous vine USDA Zone: 4-Growing Conditions: moist, well-drained soils.

This plant is considered slightly more hardy than . This very hardy vining plant produces an exceptionally elegant display when in flower. Clusters of sweetly fragrant, pea-like blooms cascade from the . Blue and white bicolor blooms blooms late spring and again in summer. Cold hardy with medium green . I have tried many wisterias over the years and either . For best add organic mater when planting. Wisteria frutescens (L.) Poir.

A hardy wisteria that can take the Minnesota winters, Blue Moon has been reliably hardy to -40ºF (yes minus), it is extremely fast growing and blooms up to three . Available Colors, Lavender blue. Needs no pruning to bloom, but flowers best in full sun. This native wisteria species will enthrall you with up to three successive bloom times each . American wisteria , Texas wisteria , Kentucky wisteria. Flower Color: Lilac Blue. Beautiful showy racemes up to 30cm (12) long of blue purple flowers that bloom three times each summer.

Probably the hardiest wisteria around. Blooming on new growth,. Lilac-blue flowers appear in early spring . Outstanding, vigorous, extremely free flowering, and sweetly fragrant.

KENTUCKY WISTERIA Not illus. Family Name(s):, Fabaceae. Recognition: Fruit pods . Description : Magnifiques grappes pendantes de fleur parfumée bleu-lavande. A deciduous vine with 6-long racemes of fragrant, pea-like, lavender blue flowers that start blooming in June.

Velvety, bean-like seed pods add to winter . Appears more cold hardy, flowering in June in . Hanging clusters of lilac purple flowers . Taxonomy and Nomenclature. In contrast, Kentucky wisteria .