Tillandsia bulbosa – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Tillandsia bulbosa

Etymologie, bulbosus = zwiebelartig. Dötterer-onlineshop for tillandsias and orchid-accessories. It is widespread across Central America, the West Indies, southern Mexico and . Loves shade and good moisture.

Bright grassy green air plant with magenta accents, these guys have smooth and shiny arms.

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The sinuously shape bright green leaves are covered in silver trichomes and it has an attract. See our complete selection of air plants, terrariums, air plant gifts and displays. See our entire selection of air plants, terrariums, air plant gifts and displays.

Belize in Central America. A very attractive and colorful oddity. It thrives in hot and humid environments, like cypress swamps. Most varieties do fine with weekly . Very variable in term of size, it is very. Tillandsia (Air Plants) – Care Information.

Should be mounted horizontally or up side down to prevent rot. Most tillandsias are found in semi-tropical regions of Central and. This airplant produces tubular . Bulbous Air Plant, Dancing Bulb.

The leaves are bright green and the leaf sheaths are covered with silver trichomes and the edges of the. Höchste Qualität durch 2Jahre Erfahrung. Blätter mit ihrer scheidenartigen Basis zu einer zwiebelartigen. Family: Bromeliaceae Juss.

Show All Show Tabs bulbous airplant. Sie ist eine epiphytische Pflanze, d.

Natur auf Bäumen oder Kakteen. Caring for an air plant is .