Philadelphus natchez – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Philadelphus natchez

Jetzt informieren über Preise und . Pfeifenstrauch, Falscher Jasmin. Die Pflanze zeichnet sich durch einen kompakten aufrechten Wuchs aus. PHILADELPHUS ´ Natchez ´. Learn more about Monrovia plants.

Like the species in most respects, except the flowers are larger and more fragrant.

Fragrant single pure white flowers in. The flowers are slightly fragrant, pure white and . Economy or Premium Selection. This variety is known for its vigorous growth and arching habit.

The stems are clothed in cup-shape single, very fragrant, pure white flowers in . Diese Pflanze ist vollkommen . This fountain-shaped shrub is great for the background or where the fragrance . Prolific large single white flwr Mock Orange.

One of the top garden centres in the UK – The Independent. The branches will be covered with . Blütezeit in Monaten, Mai – Juni. Abundant late spring white flowers. Mockorange, Natchez Mockorange. Philadelphus are known for their easy care, and for thriving in most soils without . Large single white flowers,.

Size: 10L Number in stock: 6. Laub, länglich oval, hellgrün. Standort, Fruchtbare, lichte Standorte. Substrat, sehr tolerantes Gehölze, fruchtbare Böden,. Long, arching branches are festooned with lightly fragrany, large double flowers in June. Minimum temperature: -20° F. Deciduous, arching growth, Clusters of very lge, fragrant, double, white flwrs, Jun-Jul.

Prune out old wood after flwring, . Cette dernière exhale une douce odeur . Fountain shaped deciduous shrub. Deep green foliage in summer .

Buy Natchez Mock Orange online. Is the most handsome of all Mock Orange varieties. A garden picture taken at Devonia. Dwarf mock orange, growing to four feet tall and wide.