Loropetalum fire dance – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Loropetalum fire dance

Setzt sich mit feurigen Farben in Szene Sie trägt einen Namen, der ihre herausragenden Eigenschaften . Habe sie seit diesem Frühjahr im Kübel auf der Terasse, . This magnificent hardy shrub is ideal for . Beschreibung : immergrün Strauch mit. Blumen wie von der Zaubernuss. Winterhärte : nicht sehr .

Blütezeit : März – April. The colours, however, are quite different: L. This large shrub has an upright to . Sought after for its contribution of deep burgundy foliage that . We have rarely available mature sizes in . Loropetalum chinense var. Colourful flowers and stunning foliage are great rewards for growing this often unfamiliar plant, says Miranda Kimberley. An evergreen, woody shrub with sumptuous wine-red foliage.

Bright pink flowers arrive in spring to compliment the foliage.

Charakterystyczne śliwkowo-bordowe lśniące liście to duży atut odmiany loropetalum chin Fire dance. Foliage emerges re changing to purple and finally maturing to green with red . This slow growing shrub is ideal for small town gardens or great for growing in large containers. Fragrant, bright pink flowers from winter to spring against evergreen, purple foliage – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds, bulbs and garden. Description: Dark red purplish rounded leaves that have an opaque appearance when back lit . Shrubs, along with trees, form the backbone structure of the garden design. They provide huge variation in their form, adaptability, tolerance and usage.

In den Warenkorb hinzufügen und anmelden, um die Versandkosten zu sehen. Maroon Red Evergreen Foliage and compact size. Related to the witch hazel, it has similar spidery flowers, which are pink and scente appearing.

The tassel like incredible pink flowers . Bladeren, Bronskleurig, eivormig rood blad bij het uitlopen, later donkergroen wordend. Vorm, Breedgespreide vorm, dicht. An elegant, broad arching shrub with rich dark . Superb springtime colour.

Click here to add this item to your shopping basket. Chinese Witch Hazel Firedance. Spectacular Firework-Like Flowers, . De heester bloeit met roze bloemen in het voorjaar.

De loropetalum heeft mooi donker rood blad en in het . LOROPETALUM CHINENSE var. Red-purple evergreen leaves, small scented pink-red flowers winter-spring . Lovely small evergreen shrub producing colourful spidery, witch-hazel-like, early spring flowers of vibrant pink against rich burgundy, . Beautiful sweet-scented flowers appear in late winter. Give fleece-protection on frosty nights.