Hosta fortunei hyacinthina – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Hosta fortunei hyacinthina

Hosta Fortunei Hyacinthina : Heart-shaped grey-green leaves, mother plant of many Hosta sports. Wünscht frische, humose und nährstoffreiche Böden. Hosta fortunei ` Hyacinthina `, Hosta hyloleuca, Hosta sieboldiana `Elegans`, . It is arguably the most important hosta in the . Easily grown in evenly moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade.

This sturdy landscape plant is tolerant of direct sun for sever.

Die Blattspreite ist leicht runzelig und . When it comes to beautiful foliage, Hosta are amongst the best perennials. Hosta are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties now readily available. Hyacinthine Plantain Lily) forms an attractive, dense mound of broadly ovate, slightly puckere boldly-veined leaves, in. Hostas are widely-cultivated ground cover plants, particularly useful in the garden as shade-tolerant plants. Leaf color in wild species is typically green, although . Blütenfarbe tief-violett, Blüte.

Hosta , česky bohyška, je krásná trvalka zajímavá hlavně svými listy. Jejím domovem je Japonsko.

Augstums: lapojumam-75cm, ziedvasām -90cm. Ziedēšanas laiks: VI-VIII. Les feuilles sont caduc, de couleur vert . Fragrant lavender flowers. Zsohár Kertészet – Kertészetünkben lágyszárú évelő dísznövényeket, bővebben sziklakerti, virágágyi, mocsári évelőket, árnyéki gyeppótlókat, díszfüveket . View all current plant photos . Eine der zahlreichen Hosta-Sorten im Parkgelände.

Invaluable groundcover perennial with heart shaped grey- green leaves. Best grown in semi-shade or in heavy . A mature clump can reach 23x 55. Pflanzengruppe: Stauden Lebensbereich: Gehölz, Gehölzrand Lichtanspruch: Absonnig-schattig.

Fire Island Hosta, bright yellow leaves, red stems, leaves turn chartreuse in . Standort, absonnig-schattig. Numerous hyacinth blue flowers are borne on . Green, glaucaus ovate wavy leaves with nearly flat margin, fast growth rate, lavender funnel blooms, blooms late summer,. Elles peuvent être brillantes, ondulées . Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge.

Flowering Time (June – August).

Sunshine, Partial-shade, Shadow.