Dichondra repens – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Dichondra repens

Sie ist eine ideale Sorte für den Gartenbau, besonders gut als Bodendecker oder als Wiese. Dichondra repens ist ein Fertigrasen von Novogreen. Er dient als Rasenersatz und kommt oft großflächig zum Einsatz. In Spanien und Italien wird sein Saatgut kiloweise verkauft.

Es hat eine waagerechte Entwicklung. Find out more about how to grow dichondra ground cover here.

It grows so easily from ground cover seeds that it can be used as a . A circa due mesi dalla semina. Common Name(s): Wonder lawn. Categories: Ground Covers and Perennials. Description: Flat- growing . Plant Type: Ground cover. Leaves are small, fresh green in colour and kidney-shaped.

DESCRIPTION: Spreading native groundcover with kidney shaped leaves and small white flowers spring and summer. Beautiful dense thatch of delightful lily pad leaves and stems.

This stunning ground cover becomes smaller and tighter with increased light . Herbaceous perennial, lush bright green ground cover. The specific epithet repens means creeping, which refers to its growth habit. It is perfect for light traffic areas.

DICHONDRA repens (cultivate coated) (Kidney Wee genus: DICHONDRA). Entretien et multiplication de cette plante . Familie: Convolvulaceae Windengewächse. Synonyme: Allgemeine Bezeichnung: Silberregen, Kidney Weed.

Taxonomic status:Accepted. Very attractive, it is sought . It will grow readily in full sun and up to shade. Looking for Kidney Wee also known as Mercury Bay Wee for your garden landscape? Click on an image to enlarge it . Gießen, Halten Sie die Topferde mässig feucht.

Düngung, Ungefähr bei jedem dritten . Dense creeping perennial herb spreading by roots from leaf nodes to . Ideal for areas which cannot be . Conservation Code: Not threatened. Naturalised Status: Native to Western .

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