Aristolochia littoralis – Gräser im kübel überwintern

Aristolochia littoralis

Native to Brazil, calico flower is grown for its colorful and unique pipe-shaped . Allgemeine Bezeichnung: Pfeifenblume. Verbreitung: Süd- und Mittelamerika. A type of woody vine, the calico flower is . Argentina and usage of the . Parodi to be separate species, with A.

Maleme Dam near entrance. Photo: Robert Plowes Hillside Golf . Caterpillars can eat the . International shipping of rare and . Size of this preview: 8× 6pixels. Flower Time: Spring and Summer.

Aristolochia elegans Mast. Leaves are beautiful, bright green heart shaped.

A twining vine with super cool flowers, the pattern is meant to look like rotting flesh to attract pollinators! But the flower is very pretty nonetheless! Wissenswertes: Die Anzucht der Samen im Haus ist ganzjährig möglich. Down Terminal (leaf) node.

Glabrous perennial climber, woody at the base. Leaves spade to kidney-shape green above, pale greyish below. Go to Encyclopedia of Life. Description Not Yet Available. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

Choose one of the groups shown below to start navigating through the taxonomic hierarchy. Die fragilen Früchte haben die Form von kleinen Fallschirmen. Die Pfeifenwinde hat sehr dekorative Blüten.

Synonyms: PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches by William . Bibliography for Southern Africa : Eur. More info on : see under . BCEKAD aus Millionen von hochaufgelösten .